Cambodia world champion holidays

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PHNOM PENH – Cambodia was already a world record holder with 27 official holidays in the Netherlands has eleven – but is further widened on the competition. The 15 million inhabitants of the kingdom in southeast Asia are now also on 20 may.

Prime Minister Hun Sen

Prime minister hun Sen has that date, by decree declared a ‘national remembering day’. The Cambodians are considered to be think about the millions of victims of the reign of terror of the Khmer rouge in the seventies.

The gesture of Sen, which is the country since 1985 with a penalty hand leads, comes at a smart time. At the end of July there are elections. Although the rash can be established, because according to many, the opposition ruthlessly suppressed, can be an extra public holiday to the supporters in a good mood no harm.

And Cambodia was already not short. King Norodom Sihamoni has little to tell but with his family, very honored. That should be celebrated. Of course, everyone is free on his birthday, but also on the birthday of his mother, the overlijdensdag of his father and on the day of his coronation. The population, for 97 percent buddhist, enjoy in addition, several religious holidays, and a host of other paid heyday.

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