Brothers and sister reunited after fatal accident parents

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San Angelo – Earlier this month, parents Jim and Karisa Clemens together with their two-month-old baby to life during a car accident. The four other children of the couple survived the crash in the nick of time and are now finally together, reunited in the hospital in the Us state of Texas.

Angela (8) and Zachary (6).

The 8-year-old Angela ran heavy head injury, and could take up to a week ago not to talk more. Her 6-year-old brother Zachary broke his back during the accident. The 4-year-old Wyatt ran a brain injury, his left side was for some time paralyzed, but now a few weeks later to walk again. The youngest brother, the 2-year-old Nicholas was a few days after the accident, already dismissed from the hospital and currently living with his aunt.

Tuesday were Angela and Zachary, who is still in the hospital with each other reunited. An emotional moment for the family and for the hospital staff. The aunt of the four children to BuzzFeed News to know that the children in the circumstances is fantastic. Especially now that they are just their little sister and parents were lost in the terrible accident on april 7.

Zachary, Wyatt and Angela.

Previously saw big sister, Angela, her little brother Wyatt. One of the first things that the girl after the accident he could say was ” Wyatt, I need you,” says their aunt.

The family of the children already have more than $ 100,000 collected for the medical costs and the burial of the parents and their baby to pay.

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