Bobby Brown is in mourning still

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Bobby Brown continued in 2015 with a heart-broken when his daughter Bobbi Kristina at the age of 22, after six months in a coma, unconscious, was found in a bathtub. Three years later, he knows still how he is with this loss to have to go and thinks he is still in daily to her.

Bobby Brown

“You will never have such a loss. I relive it every day. Just the thought of her and the idea that my other children never their oldest sister will know, makes every day a battle.”, says Bobby Brown in an interview on the occasion of his new mini-series The Bobby Brown Story.

The series tells the story about his relationship with Bobbi, which under equal circumstances is the death of her mother Whitney Houston in 2012. Brown found it very painful to get everything back to rekindle for the documentary. “The hardest thing was to let him talk, especially about Bobbi. He becomes emotional when her name comes up. I can’t even imagine how it is to lose a child, but he can explain how it feels and what happened.”, let Jesse Collins, executive producer of the series, know.

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