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Bitcoin remains stable, Aeternity, Ontology and EOS biggest winner

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After the bull continued of the Trend of the previous weeks, even in the first days of the last week, there was on Wednesday a back-setter to list, for many crypto-currencies meant a 10 percent price decline. But the total market capitalization of the crypto market reflects continued this negative Trend is not very long.

Already on the following day, Thursday, the crypto-market, the first signs of a recovery. The short-term Pullback shows in our view that the crypto market is still “on shaky ground”. Nevertheless, the rapid recovery, but also shows that the market is matured and entirely positive. The sign indicates that the COP takes the helm.

As a possible cause for the short-term Pullback in the middle of the week by many of the experts may have taken place sale of 17,000 Bitcoins through the Mt. Gox insolvency administrator. It was known that on the 26. In April, more than 17,000 Bitcoins from the wallet of the Trustee to any other address or exchange have been transferred.

To use instead of OTC Over-the-Counter (OTC) market, this has probably used a public Exchange to sell BTC. In contrast to crypto-exchanges, OTC transactions take place directly between large traders, or miners and do not interfere with the public crypto-currency market, because the liquidity and the structure of the two markets are separated. The movement of the larger amount of Bitcoin should probably currencies to a “Domino effect” for all Crypto and crypto-currency exchanges.

Overall, the week was a consistently positive atmosphere from all sides. Both investors, banks, Hedge funds, as well as the Central Bank of St. Louis, have spoken positively about crypto-currencies and Bitcoin.

  • This week on crypto-currencies specialist hedge Fund Pantera Capital said that the market would achieve in the long term, a market of 40 trillion US Dollar, which is in competition with traditional markets.
  • The Goldman Sachs-funded company Circle has the minimum payment threshold of their OTC trading platform for crypto currencies to USD $ 500,000 increased. The CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, said in an Interview to Business Insider that the heated crypto market is a logical consequence of this measure. He sees the market as “robust” and stable.
  • The Federal Reserve of St. Louis has published a study, in which they referred to the System of Bitcoin as an innovative invention that will revolutionize the Potential of the current way of currencies and the financial system functioning.
  • It was published in a new study by Thomson Reuters, which predicts that in the year 2018, 20 percent of the world’s financial institutions in the crypto-currency business could enter.
  • In an Interview, the CEO of Nasdaq has announced that her company could offer very soon, even crypto-currencies. A decisive factor is that the forthcoming regulations is completed, and the crypto-currency market “matured”.
  • The tax rate for crypto-currencies has been reduced in France, after the French Council of state has classified decided to crypto currencies as a “movable property”.

The winner of the week*

Aeternity (+ 174%)*

Aeternity (AE) is a (currently) on Ethereum-based crypto-currency, which uses a hybrid consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work to secure the network. In addition to the hybrid consensus algorithm the AE also uses State-Channels, which allow Smart Contracts to be executed outside of the Blockchain, in order to improve the scaling and performance of the network.

In addition, Aeternity offers a wide range of applications. On the platform dApps for Crowdfunding projects that can be developed in food industry, Fintech companies, as well as micro-and nano-payments. In June, the Launch of the Mainnets. Goal of Aeternity is it to compete with Ethereum in the area of dApps and Smart Contracts. Probably because of the approaching Mainnet launch knew of the Aeternity of the course this week is no limit to the top.

To the editors of the time the AE is traded tokens for EUR 4.59*. Over the last 7 days AE has a price increase of 174 per cent*.

Ontology (+ 97 Percent)*

The Ontology network is a public platform for the construction of a decentralized trust ecosystem, in which data is secure and encrypted, are stored and managed. The target of Ontology is to services for a whole range of different industries, such as healthcare, insurance, Finance or for governments to provide. The company behind Ontology, Onchain, counts in China the leading Blockchain-based technology company, and was elected to the KPMG China in the years 2016 and 2017 of the “Top 50 FinTech companies” in China.

In the last week of Ontology in the technical development with the Release of SmartX is a major step forward. SmartX is a One-Stop-IDE (development environment), which can be used to deploy to Compile, and Call from Smart Contracts. It offers a whole range of templates for Smart Contracts and a powerful Online Editor. Currently, the Ontology of Smart Contracts in support of several contract types, such as native Smart Contracts, NeoVM Smart Contracts, Wasm Smart Contracts.

Within the last week of Ontology, there could be an 97 percent rate of growth recorded, of which 40 per cent comes solely from the last 24 hours. Currently an Ontology for 6.57 EUR* is traded.

EOS (+ 85%)*

EOS is one of the “evergreens” of the past days and weeks. 10. In April, an EOS was traded for under 5.00 Euro. Since then, EOS have been able to triple its value more than tripled. Currently, the EOS course is 17,36 Euro*

With the Launch of the Mainnet at the 02. June 2018 will move EOS Token from the Ethereum Blockchain on the Mainnet and the EOS Blockchain. The Transition is intended to increase the speed dramatically, lowering transaction costs, and the Blockchain more efficient and reliable. In addition, EOS will implement the Delegated Proof-of-Stake.

Some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Binance and Bitfinex, have already announced their support for the forthcoming EOS-Start. For EOS owners, who have their Token in a Wallet or your EOS through the auction have received, it is necessary to inform yourself carefully on what to do before the Launch! For example, the EOS must be registered in the Exodus Wallet, so you move on to the EOS Blockchain. For people who have purchased EOS on the auction, it is also a registry of your Token. Here’s the link to a manual.

About the reasons of the price rise, the Mainnet Launch and the Delegated Proof-of-Stake, we have reported in this article in this week:

EOS-Mainnet Launch is imminent; Bitfinex is applying as a block producer

TRON (+ 63 percent)*

As for EOS, the Launch of the Mainnets for TRON in June. Probably driven by expectations at the Start, could TRON the rise this week, and a rate increase of 63 percent. Currently a TRX for EUR 0.071* is traded.

In addition, TRON was listed this week on the Indian crypto exchange Zebpay and so well accepted, the Zebpay had intermittent problems because of the heavy traffic and the numerous TRON transactions.

If you are asking yourself, does the Super Reprentative choice of TRON, we recommend yesterday’s press conference with Justin Sun to look:

Siacoin (+ 60%)*

Siacoin can post this week a price increase of around 60 percent and is currently at 0,02488 Euro*. The reason for the Pump of Siacoin is likely that the trading pairs USD-SC and KRW (Korean Won)-SC were included in two of the largest crypto stock exchanges. First of all, Bittrex has added to the trading pair of US Dollar/ Siacoin. A short time later, Upbit KRW/ Siacoin has added. Both listings have brought Siacoin a significant increase in the volume of trade. It is questionable whether the Pump was only of short duration or permanently.

Normally, a fall in prices follows after such a massive Pump, usually, since the investors want to take profits. In the case of Siacoin (SC) there are, in our view, however, reason to believe that Siacoin will continue to rise.

Siacoin can present a real application case. The platform allows people to share their Computer resources with other people on the Blockchain and get paid for it. In return, research organisations, or developers in the short term, an increased need for resources, such as computing power or storage to rent. SC is used as a means of payment. From our point of view, this is an important incentive that more and more people in the Sia are to log on to the network. In the long run, this will lead to an increase in the price of Siacoin.

Who is also a friend of the “filmed” crypto-News, we can put this week’s issue of Crypto Trader. Among other things, it goes to the next ZClassic Fork and various Bitcoin price predictions. Also, there is Justin Vendetta on the upcoming objectives of the Verge in an Interview.

* The percentages are based on the time of writing

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