Bill Cosby sees himself as Nelson Mandela

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While his lawyers still talk about his innocence and appeal talk about Bill Cosby, after his condemnation, mentally preparing for the prison.

Bill Cosby

“This is what they wanted,” says an embittered Cosby, the once-celebrated comedian, on Page Six, after the jury in Pennsylvania found him guilty to the drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant. During the process, the newspaper on the basis of his statements be able to see how he against his sentence differently. The prison, which he always ’that place’ called, from the summer very well the place where the octogenarian the rest of his life to spend.

“If six me steer towards it, I just want you there to tell my story, because it seems that no one is listening. No one wants the real story,” said Cosby against the reporters. Already during his first trial a year ago, which had led to nothing, and he spoke frequently, but since his condemnation he is bitter and coarse to become, his statements peppered with curses and epithets.


So he reacted on a decision of the public Prosecutor Kevin Steele, who wanted to prevent Cosby on bail, was released, as he with his privévliegtuig could escape. “I have no plane, you a**hole. I’m really tired of”, he yelled to Steele.

Also during the trial, expressed his anger in the uncover his teeth, biting on his lips and the balls of his fists. Upon returning from the court, he was at the door to be greeted by his most loyal supporter, his wife Camille. She gave him a hug and a kiss, ” says a source who was there. His wife Camille and Nelson Mandela offer him consolation in his mental preparation on the cell, let him know.


“I think back to the time that Camille and I Nelson Mandela visited in South Africa. He was a free man, but I remember our meeting with him on robben island where he all those years had caught sat. I sat in the cell where he sat and saw how he lived, what he should eat, and what he had to endure. So, if they take me to jail, then I will also have to endure.”

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