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BidiPass developed a global “financial passport”

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There is a currently popular saying in English: “Life comes at you fast.” Undoubtedly, many ask us, why does it have to be so complicated? BidiPass seems to have the same things in mind when they developed their Blockchain-based authentication platform, based on your encrypted Key known as BidiKey,.

Nowadays, most of our daily financial transactions are password-protected or PIN protected activities, for a variety of physical credit or debit cards is required. Certainly banks and other financial institutions have worked hard to make this fraud and theft to be as safe as possible. But their solutions are typically hampered by complex, cumbersome IT systems (“Legacy IT systems”), where the flexibility is missing.

The technology should make our lives easier, credit and debit cards are, for most of us as the “head breaker”, because you have to keep for you an extensive list of unique passwords for each and every Institution and every retailer and need to remember.

BidiPass is a company, which aims to ensure the highest security for the protection of personal data and at the same time a simple solution to offer, which allows customers to verify, without an endless number of plastic cards and associated passwords. BidiPass is so convinced of his BidiKey-Blockchain solution that let your Peer-to-Peer authentication technology in a variety of countries around the world, has a patent. Your Confidence also in Latin America and Spain-based Clarke, Modet and co., have a rating of your Patent, in millions share.

As the Name of the company says, is BidiPass a kind of globally applicable “financial passport” ready, which enables users, businesses, financial transactions, and even legal documents to sign, without the risk of identity theft or other types of fraud.

In addition, the platform can also be used for Boarding passes and Ticket-Events, which Event staff can control access to venues. Users who apply the technology, will be asked to follow a General KYC Protocol (Know Your Customer), which corresponds to the General legal provisions on anti-money laundering (AML).

Each financial institution and each service provider that has integrated the BidiPass platform, it can accept transactions from BidiPass-users safe. The bi-directional encryption of the platform means that consumers are protected during the transaction authentication against criminal activities such as Phishing.

BidiKey is based on a Quick Response Code (QR-Code). The platform allows users to access to your personal money with any digital device, including mobile phone, Smart Watch, Tablet, or Desktop Computer.

It can be online or onsite uses, and can even be used if your phone is in airplane mode. Most important, however, is that the Bidipass platform minimizes the risk of identity theft by the BidiKey authentication system based on a complex encryption procedure, which is a QR-Code that contains an encrypted session key.

The technology allows customers to be immediately for all financial transactions approved. For financial service providers who participate in the platform, could BidiPass offer easy and quick access to new customers and potential revenue.

The revolutionary platform developed by a group of international financial and banking security experts for over 20 years in the industry. Its founding Chairman, Fernando Albarrán explains to us:

Bidipass was created to enable seamless and secure financial transactions quickly and easily. Our platform allows anyone to create a personal digital financial passport that is recognized by each company in the BidiPass network. This means that each company, which the platform uses, is able to offer an agile Service and probably new sources of revenue will enjoy, without any of its legacy systems prevented.

The Team was represented at the international Distributed Economy Conference, including the Deconomy 2018, the beginning of April was held in Seoul. They also took on 2. Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit in 2018 on 12. April part of, where had the opportunity to introduce their projects and to meet other like-minded innovators who share the goals of the Blockchain-development.

Remarkably, has announced the Bidipass Team that they have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dr. Seung-Hoon Park from the divan Foundation, Hilaris Blockchain Institute, they have taken in Deconomy. The parties say that their MOU will enable you in the development of to work together and support each other in the future with the expansion of their projects.

The entire BidiPass network is controlled by the BidiCoin (BDP). The company has already carried out a Pre-Sale. The public ICO starts on 16. May 2018, with a one-day 25 percent bonus, and then runs up to 16. July, with falling bonuses. ICOBox, one of the world’s leading SaaS solution for companies that operate their own ICOs, works together during the whole ICO process with BidiPass. ICOBox co-founder Nick Evdokimov says:

Today’s consumers demand a more intuitive and secure way of making financial transactions. The Blockchain technology can be used to meet this need, and BidiPass has developed this technology.

More information about BidiPass can be found on the official Website .

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