’Benefactor Avicii tried to make other people happy’

6bfd9889db4e775b6a96475afd06718e - ’Benefactor Avicii tried to make other people happy’

Despite all his success, dj Avicii will not be happy in life. And in the absence of happiness in his own life, he tried others happiness is to give, write Mirror and Bild.

Avicii could himself lucky not to find, but tried to make other people happy

At the peak of his career, Avicii, or Tim Berglin, one of the bestbetaalde dj’s of the world, with a capacity of approximately 68 million euro. He earned in 2012, approximately 5.7 million euros. He shared this generosity with things that him from the heart layers.

So donated the dj and producer, and his income of a U.s. tour in 2012 donated to a foundation that hunger in the United Streets combats, called Feeding America. In 2013 the organisation Radiohjälpen in Sweden a million euros for help to people who are starving. In 2017, when he clips for Pure Grinder and For a Better Day directed, he asked attention for violence by gangs and trafficking of human beings. From Instagramposts of his girlfriend and ex-girlfriends also shows that the dj has a big heart.

In an interview in 2013, he already know that money is not make him happy. “When I get really good money started to earn, I’ve noticed that I actually not really needed. If you are so much more than you need, it is the smartest, menselijkste and most obvious is to simply to give people who truly need it.”

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