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Beerschot Wilrijk can be no revenge to take against Antwerp

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Beerschot Wilrijk and Antwerp have Sunday afternoon 0-0 tied. In a true Antwerp derby went to the bay of Kiel rats after the half strongly in search of the victory, but the score did not succeed. Beerschot Wilrijk remains waiting for his first victory in Play-off 2.

Thick three hours before the kick-off was already on the Keel. The police picked up nine people. It was mainly the Dutch that for amok wanted to make sure.

At Beerschot Wilrijk there was the return of Hernan Losada. That took as a ‘false nine’ position in the striker, a tactical trial of coach Marc Brys. The overzijden started Faris Haroun reaffirms the bank.

The home team wanted revenge for defeat on the Trot and immediately caught in the attack. Antwerp had to reverse and was the first quarter under pressure. Real opportunities presented veldoverwicht not, however, for Beerschot Wilrijk. The Great Old, first came close to a goal, the free kick of Hairemans week off and bumped but just next to the target of Romo. The Venezuelan goalkeeper stopped a moment later, Arslanagic of the 0-1.

Antwerp recovered also in the veldspel the balance after a scorching first quarter by the home team, and took with it half-an-hour in sight of the control. Ardaiz came only for Romo, but who loved the rush of a goal. Also the rebound was an ideal fit for the hand of the goalkeeper. Beerschot Wilrijk had in the first half with long shots of Messoudi and Stupid.

Team boss after peace

Brys grip at the peace in and brought with Mbombo a striker between the lines, Boulaouli remained in the dressing rooms. Also at Antwerp one change for the second half, Arslanagic went out for Borges. The home team began like the first half, the sharpest, Losada to bounce back quickly. Antwerp fell back and Losada was another opportunity. Bolat had trouble with the finish from the Argentine, but kept him out of goal. Meanwhile, were becoming active now, the fans, from both supportersclans were flares on the field thrown.

In an atmospheric Olympic Stadium continued to wait for a goal. Antwerp came after the hour with a first time set up. Romo did a cross from Rodrigues, Prychynenko cast on for the onrushing substitute Haroun. That was Hairemans come replaced, a replacement where the latter has not been set up. Ardaiz and Rodrigues tried it again from a distance, but without being really dangerous. Beerschot Wilrijk pulled in the final phase still to the fore, but without success. De Jonghe kicked in addition, Van Hyfte claimed unsuccessfully for a penalty kick.

By the tie remains Beerschot Wilrijk last in Play-off 2B. It won’t but played all four times equal. Antwerp is third, six points of leader Lokeren.

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