Baba Yega is under fire in Britain’s Got Talent

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Baba Yega was a Saturday night on the Uk television show in Britain’s Got Talent to see. The Belgian group had won Belgium’s Got Talent and ventured last year also have their chance in Germany. And now, the British in the stock market. The five dancers of Baba Yega made a good impression on the viewers and the jury. They had no less than four times a yea and go on to the next round. But despite the enthusiasm of the British, there is also a lot of criticism. Criticism because Baba Yega Belgium’s Got Talent won, in Germany, has already participated and because of the existence of clips and a movie.

A part of the British viewers is of the opinion that this is not fair compared to the other participants. On Twitter it was raining, also critical comments on the participation of Baba Yega. But that critique was nothing in the many positive comments. Baba Yega was by different viewers already voted the favorite act of this year. There are already viewers convinced that Baba Yega, this year, without a doubt, going to win.
Watch the audition of Baba Yega in Britain’s Got Talent.

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