Australia wants monument for captain Cook

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SYDNEY – The Australian government wants a new monument creation in memory of april 29, the day the British explorer James Cook in 1770 for the first time set foot on land put on the continent. The attraction is in Botany Bay, the place where the crew of the British ship Endeavor, the first meeting had with the original population of Australia, the Aborigines. That was a turning point in the history of the country.

The image of captain James Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

The memorial site with the attention to the two cultures must in 2020 to be ready, 250 years after Cook arrived and contact made with the indigenous inhabitants. ,,It was the first encounter between Europeans and the Australian Aborigines here on the east coast”, said prime minister Malcolm Turnbull at the presentation of the plan. It offers us the opportunity the view to show from the ship and from the beach”.

Incidentally, not everyone is keen on the idea. Opponents find this tribute to the English settlers an insult to the indigenous population. Recently, a statue of captain Cook smeared with paint. Aboriginal activist Ray Minniecon, who is the “invasieprotest’ on the national holiday in January helped organize, reacted shocked. ,,It is still an invasion and it is still an unwanted invasion”.

Cook claimed on 22 August 1770 on Possession Island Australia as British territory. The colonization brought to Australia eventually, in the modern world. It has developed a successful economy, new technology, independent jurisdiction, a democratic parliament and of documented ownership of land. But the tribes, estimated at 60,000 years on the continent lived, it was their sovereignty taken away.

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