Anti-Trump Action Green Day on Facebook

41a406589a4caf5da2eb0ba066d96cee - Anti-Trump Action Green Day on Facebook

British fans of the American band Green Day have a remarkable action on its feet. They have dreams of that the album American Idiot by Green Day during the visit of Donald Trump on Friday, July 13, at 1 in the Uk charts. On the Facebook page to Get American Idiot to No.1 for Trump’s State Visit is called for between 6 and 12 July the album as much as possible to download and purchase, so that the number 1 stands as Trump on Friday, the 13th July a visit.

The page on Facebook now has about 8500 followers. The About Us page is pretty clear: “Simple. If Trump arrives in Britain, American Idiot is number 1. Who’s in?”. The gents of Green Day are not a big fan of the sitting American president. During the American Music Awards put singer Billie Joe Armstrong is a anti-Truimp song, and he called him on to the steps.

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