Ant McPartlin after month out of rehab

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Anthony ’Ant’ McPartlin this week the private clinic to leave where he is for a month, was treated for his alcohol addiction. The Sun spotted the 42-year-old British presenter, when he made his dogs uitliet in a London park.

Anthony McPartlin

The difference is large with the Ant that two weeks ago reported to the court. There he had to be responsible for the car accident that he was in march caused. The presenter, who was sentenced to a fine of 86.000 pounds (almost 100,000 euros) and banned from driving for 20 months, was overtired and stressed out.

“He now looks much better,” says an eyewitness. “In photographs taken just after the accident saw Ant there ravaged. He had not shaved and he looked like he was seriously sleep-deprived. But the Ant that this week we saw, would be a different person.” On the photos of The Sun is a fresh and cheerful McPartlin. “He looked healthy and bright and he had a big smile on his face.”


Ant caused on march 18 in a car accident. The same day he reported to the rehab. “Before the accident, he was a bit in denial about the severity of his problems. He thought it under control. But when this happened, he realized that he is in a downward spiral that was. Therefore, he went so fast to a rehab. He knew that his problems had to tackle.”

That McPartlin as soon help was sought, was one of the reasons that the court leniency showed by the judgment. Ant went also considerably by the substance during the session. “I regret much that I have done this. I’m embarrassed and I find it horrifying that this has happened. I take full responsibility for this, and I want to apologize to all parties involved. I have specialist help is searched to ensure that this never happens again.” The last episodes of his hit television show, Saturday Night Takeaway and were therefore only by Declan ’Dec’ Donelly presented.

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