André and Monique from each other

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The rumors went on for weeks, but it is now final: André Hazes and Monique Westenberg are from each other. Last week you could Private read that the two no longer lived together and separately headed home after a night out, but now there is no escaping it: the two are from each other.

André Hazes, Monique Westenberg, and their son Dré Hazes

“Monique and I are not good, no. That we find both very pussy. But that’s what happens. Too much has happened, we have so many meegmaakt in a short time. I’m a little lost in this world, it collides just. I have things screwed up,” says André moved to News.

“Last year, we have really a lot of tension. That was also because André is very busy. I note to him that he press can’t get, but that he had not himself by,” says Monique. “The situation is now that André chose somewhere else to live. Yes, I think it’s all a bit too much. His calendar is extremely packed. There is hardly a home for themselves, let alone for his family. Normally you take a break from your work, but that is impossible for him so he chooses break from his family.”

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