Access to Schiphol time disrupted by power failure

6a78e339ee483037cf5934fa4f1f17d2 - Access to Schiphol time disrupted by power failure

The problems with check-in at Schiphol airport are fixed. The Dutch airport has let us know that the access roads be re-opened and trains back to the airport. A spokesperson says that travelers still have to take into account consequences for the air traffic. He recommends the vluchtentijden to keep in mind before proceeding to the airport.

The airport was temporarily closed because of an error at the check-in, that due to an earlier power failure was caused. The measures together with the competent authorities taken in to the hustle and bustle at the airport.

The power outage occurred around 00.45 hours and covered not only the airport, so reports elektriciteitsnetbeheerder Liander.

Sunday morning, after 5 hours reported Schiphol airport – which previously had been warned that outgoing flights would be deleted – on Twitter that all incoming flights at 9 o’clock ‘on hold’. Passengers is the council given to leave the airport.

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