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Zulte Waregem rolls Mouscron on in a minute and remains a leader in Playoff 2A

971df465a501abd4db136b92c4ac7723 - Zulte Waregem rolls Mouscron on in a minute and remains a leader in Playoff 2A

Zulte Waregem also has on match day 6 of Playoff 2 no large stitches. Essevee came on the field of Mouscron on arrears in the first half, but Harbaoui and Olayinka, in the second half in order to twice touch to take in one minute. It was 1-2 at Le Furthermore.

So, that little pig is again washed. All it has for Zulte Waregem, but slightly more effort than in the previous four games. For the rest, wringing the visitors a lot of opportunities in the neck, and even the first season. And to say that Essevee normal to the conveyor belt scored in Play-off 2.

Why switch if the well runs? Zulte Waregem began just as the past couple of weeks with the same eleven in the competition. At Mouscron had coach Frank Defays a few changes to his basiselftal. Olinga and Govea were not even on the bench because of a bad mentality. Amallah, and Rotariu stood on the kick-off. Galitsios had plaatsruimen for Vojvoda on the right back.

It was Essevee that the director took. An anthology: The Peacock kicked in the direction of the carpenter’s square, Werner hovering in the direction of the leather. After a collective attack could Harbaoui not enough power behind his header. The Peacock kicked in the turn over and Bongonda saw his loeier blocked by Godeau. Mouscron was not much compared to convert. A low kick from Aidara was their only feat of arms. Then went Essevee on his elan. Olayinka popped wild about, The fauw got his shot between the posts. Les Hurlus could only threaten if the forces of Francky Dury unnecessary loss of ball members.

They did that via the speed of Amallah, Rotariu and Mbombo. Because the home team positional good was set up, began Essevee more the long ball to handle. When Zulte Waregem and then again on the footballing way through The Peacock eye-to-eye came with Werner, forgot who to shoot. And as it so often does: if your chances of not finishing, you get the lid on the nose. On the half hour came Moeskroen against the rules of the game in the lead. Huyghebaert poortte The Peacock and Amallah dived for Walsh: 1-0. Just before the break left Harbaoui at the end, Amallah doubled on the other side to score.

‘Hamdi is coming’

Essevee formed just before the start of the second half a circle to give each other courage to talk to. That also had its effect. Dury had his boys no doubt asked during the break to get their house in order. The Sart threw just about and Harbaoui saw his two headers header just outside the poles end up. The Tunesiër regretted. It was only a postponement. Kaya brought just past the hour, The Peacock nodded back and Harbaoui headed home his nineteenth of the season. A minute later, painted Hamalainen a free-kick on the head of Olayinka: 1-2. The remainder of supporters kraaiden of the fun. ‘Teddy, Teddy, Hamdi is coming’, was sung with the eye on the topschuttersstand. Amallah came closest to the equalizer, but Bossut and struck his kick against the crossbar.

Zulte Waregem remains by the new victory just on the head in his poule and the next weekend on KV Kortrijk a new tap to distribute to its largest competitor.

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