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Vitalik Buterin boycotted Coindesk and Consensus to 2018

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The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin distancing itself from Coindesk, one of the largest crypto currency news portals. Coindesk has shown that it is more likely to care about, stories to sensation formalize, and as an advertising medium to act by fraud, supports, instead of the Blockchain-the area of high-quality information to deliver.

Coindesk Consensus 2018

The Consensus conference concept was born in 1980 in Denmark and aims at the discussion of public policy and technology. It wants to help “to qualify The attitudes of the people, by providing them with all the information you need, until you are ready to evaluate a specific technology,” this concept is often used in the medical field the Acquisition of new treatment-to confirm methods.

Can Coindesk’s conference will be as Konseskonferenz? We can consider the organization itself as a valid representation of the Blockchain space?

Coindesk yourself, the conference is called the “Fourth annual Blockchain technology summit”. The Event will cost participants thousands of USD and will take place in New York City. Coindesk organizes, advertises, and profits from the conference, similar to other industry-wide conferences. It is not focused on the original intent of the consensus conferences.


Buterin addressed this, and the irresponsible media spreading in a series of Tweets. He began to condemn the conference is open to:

“I’m boycotting @coindesk’s Consensus 2018 Conference this year and would like to encourage others by my example to follow. These are my reasons:

  1. Coindesk, there are fraudulent companies on a constant Basis advertising space. To them it’s all about the advertising revenue and not the subject of the advertising company.
  2. You have quoted Vitalik recently, incorrectly, to create a more sensational article, and refused to correct the article.
  3. Their information policies are so exposed that if you give them an E-Mail reply, and explicitly indicates that the contents of the E-mail may not be used officially, Coindesk, nevertheless, reserves the right to publish this content as long as Coindesk’s journalists have not agreed to the unofficial information Transmission explicitly.

Fraudulent company-the main fuel of the regulation of the Blockchain-industry.

The pressure is on the government regulatory authorities, why there are, however, no responsibility for sources of information?

Facebook and Linkedin have recently banned crypto-commercials, these sites are not, however, currencies explicitly news sources of Blockchain / Crypto. Misinformation will continue to plague the acceptance of the technology, if the information is not responsible for their influence.

OmiseGO (OMG) have confirmed in a Tweet that they are on Vitalik Buterin’s page. Coindesk acted with “careless reporting” and reacts in a rather hostile than Humbly, if the error is brought to the attention.”

Vitalik and OMG have donated in the past to non-profit organizations to help refugees and to develop KI.

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