The tidal wave that drags boy (4) sea

84fb2a2366b73b158f0abc473b07aca6 - The tidal wave that drags boy (4) sea

Kitty Hawk – A 4-year-old boy with his mother along the water ran, by a sudden, huge wave of the sea ingesleurd.

Despite a massive search in North Carolina he is still missing.

The little boy ran in very shallow water on the beach of Kitty Hawk when the tide suddenly all over him. By the impact, had to mother him let go. A spokesman for the coast guard says in the Washington Post that the sea retracted saw be and that they could do anything.


Mother and son were on family visit in the area and thought with the nice weather a nice walk on the beach.

According to the newspaper, there were local waves of up to 1.80 meters high, something in that area is normal.

A spokesman of the police says that the boy is the only child of the family.

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