The ecstatic Young Ajax players wear the title on to Nouri

e5686b54e50daf8b1b978964df312994 - The ecstatic Young Ajax players wear the title on to Nouri

The players of Young Ajax can their luck after obtaining the title in the Jupiler League and carry the success on to Abdelhak Nouri, who at the beginning of this season, brain damage or heart failure.

The Amsterdammers seemed the championship Saturday during the heart-pounding last round still to lose, but the team of coach Michael Traveler arch at a disadvantage against MVV Maastricht in a 2-1 victory.

“The year started out terrible, but this is really for Nouri. We will never forget him. He has everyone here, beautiful evenings concerned”, said Jong Ajax captain Leon Bergsma shortly after the kampioensduel at Sportpark The Future against FOX Sports.

Midfielder Dani de Wit, who this season made his debut in the Ajax, spoke in the euphoria words of similar import.

“This is the championship of Nouri. We have also done for him. It was a very painful start of the season. It played in the first, but also with Ajax. That we are now the title have achieved, is also for him.”


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