Talk show, Margriet van der Linden is called M

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The name of the new program of Margriet van der Linden is well known. The talk show of KRO-NCRV is called M.

“Call it intimates me, and also abroad, word I the so-called”, explains Van der Linden, the title of her program in the AD. “I hear it for years. And after a couple of ’Manamana’s, such as the Muppets sing, and that we guests M&M’s, and after some more laughing and horsing around and a couple of serious words was clear: this is M.”

The program, from 14 may to see on NPO1, replace it in the spring and summer, and The World Runs By. “The summer is precisely the time for other types of calls, which I do not want to interfere with by an outdated idea of all that endless silence is,” says Van der Linden on the interpretation. “It’s mainly in the tone and color I meebreng and smaller and larger choices that we with each other on all the planes have made and still make. And I already had merry said?”

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