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Study: 57 % of users would use crypto currency of Amazon

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The Online platform LendEDU, which students and private loans awards, has carried out a survey. With 1,000 Amazon customers were asked for their opinion, what is the significance you would your own crypto-currency from Amazon the food.

Amazon the success of the company is at the present time probably bad. The company is the world’s largest E-Commerce retailer, and has conquered in addition to its core business over the years numerous other industries (including Cloud-Computing, food). Worldwide, Amazon is the fourth-most valuable company. On sales Amazon is the second-largest Internet company in the world, behind the Chinese giant Alibaba.

A secret of success of Amazon is that it is always looking for new, profitable industries and is expanding. Recently, Amazon has taken the health industry to target. There are rumors that Amazon is pulling, the opening of the inpatient pharmacies in the be considered.

As a result of these Considerations, LendEDU has carried out a survey of 1,000 Amazon customers, and wanted to know, which industries may be for Amazon even more interesting.

A crypto-currency for Amazon?

Probably the most interesting question from our point of view was the question of Amazon’s own Kryptwährung: “If offered, would you use an Amazon-developed crypto-currency (e.g. Amazon Coin)?”

A little more than half of the respondents, namely, 51.7 percent, replied in the affirmative to this question. Within the Amazon Prime members there were 58.2 per cent. Only 21.9 percent of the respondents replied “no”, while 26.4 percent were uncertain.

For all other questions remain, in our view, questionable whether the number of 1,000 customers at the size of Amazon constitutes a representative sample. Nevertheless, the survey from our point of view is a positive Signal for the acceptance and adaptation of virtual currencies, in particular in combination with the trust in Amazon.

Already in September 2017, the rumor appeared for the first time that Amazon could accept Bitcoin or crypto-currency. The website it was reported in the Newsletter, the Hedge Fund Manager and VC Unternehmner James Altucher on how to following is informed:

I am certain that Amazon ACCEPT Bitcoin WANTS to. They have no choice. And this will be the tipping point that will create massive generational wealth unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Finally, it gave in November last year, speculation that Amazon Bitcoin could accept payments, after the company crypto-currency bought related Domains. The, a subsidiary of Amazon Technologies bought on the 31. October three domain names: “”, “ and”.

Nevertheless, it must be noted at this point that there is no officially confirmed efforts on the part of Amazon, in a timely manner is a own crypto-currency.

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