Stop Otto-Jan Ham with The Ideal World?

73d82c55b9402b7121e5bc73352e800d - Stop Otto-Jan Ham with The Ideal World?

Thursday is the last episode of The Ideal World. The very last for Otto-Jan Ham? Also in conversation with The Standard he rolls this weekend be useful to ask the question. However, he gives his opinion about tv programs. He tells us about Temptation Island. “That program has sixteen episodes or so. While they are equally long on that island were as we were away for Hotel Römantiek. There is so much concern in the Hotel Römantiek, while every episode of Temptation Island for ninety percent of the repetitions seems to exist. People look like shit. It is a setting where I’m not even resentful about it. With just a little less effort, just a little less critical sense and moral intentions can make you a more successful program.”

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