Stany Crets finally on the shelves

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That Arne Sierens unique plays to write and Raymond van het Groenewoud the Flemish people, the love for music with the world has dictated, we already knew more than today. Throw an experienced and talented amazing cast and ‘Girls & Boys’ was born. A brand new musical that in a seemingly perfect family is a painful affair exposes – on 4, 5 and 6 October in Theater Elckerlyc. Directed by Sébastien De Smet, with a cast that already is eager to (re) stage to enter.

Karlijn Sileghem, known from, among others, ‘ “Katarakt”’, ‘Het Peulengaleis’ and ‘Sedes & Bellie’ plays Tilly (mother). At her side is Koen Van Impe as Philip (father), who recently advance made as steracteur-sterartiest’, as the narrator in Deep Bridges ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and currently in ‘a Piece of bad luck ” shines. Last but not least, Stany Crets as colonel and best friend of Philip. Who directed the last few years especially yourself plenty of successful theatre and musicalvoorstellingen, but for this piece he makes, after eight years of an exception, and he performs himself back in the spotlight. Stany Crets: “The dialogues of Arne Sierens, the music of Raymond van het Groenewoud, the talent of Koen Van Impe and Karlijn Sileghem, and the promise of Sébastien De Smet that I should not sing or dance, got me across the finish line to once again on the shelves to creep up.”
In addition to these three stars of size also plays a pack of young up-and-coming talent: Korneel Defrancq (indeed, “son of”), Jolijn Antonissen, Timo Tembuyser, Barbara Winter and Florian Avoux.

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