Sneer at immigrants gets Dewinter hard back

54bdcf1f7e6d8f371b680944422104db - Sneer at immigrants gets Dewinter hard back

BRUSSELS – Filip Dewinter on Twitter out to the learning difficulties of ethnic minorities”. The Vlaams belang frontman did that because of a billboard with a photo of themselves, which is modified with graffiti. The note rebounded, however, as a boomerang in his face back by a comment from an alert reader.

On the machined billboard is a ’hitlersnor’ on the face of Filip Dewinter signed and the word ’crimigranten’ in the slogan ’Crimigranten outside’, replaced by ’racists’. Including have vandals behind the partijnaam Flemish Interest ’nasis’ written.

Dewinter published a picture of the scene on his Twitter and took it out to the language skills of the perpetrators, of whom the politician think that the people of foreign ancestry: “And now learn to write: not nasis but nazis… Very still, that they have fallen behind by immigrants!”, what it sounds like.

A reader with a good memory, had the note not just pass through. He pulled out an old misspelling of the Vlaams belang above. In the parliamentary elections of 2014 put the party namely a Hummer with the caption: “Filip Dewinter Lijstrekker Room.”

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