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Rumor: the Verge in search of the next “Big Partnership”

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The last partnership of Verge with Mindgeek, which is among others also the Portal that caused a lot of attention. The expectations of the course were high. Since the announcement of the cooperation, Verge went on a dive and can be hard to put back on your feet. Currently, Verge is taking part in a competition of ideas, one of the largest international Streaming services.

As we already reported, caused the fabled “huge unprecedented partnership in the crypto universe” for eddy, and high expectations of the Verge project. After Verge on 17.04.2018 revealed at 16 o’clock, that the new Partner is a geek, crashed the price massively. Currently, the Verge of course tries to pull slowly back on your feet.

Cees Van Dam (marketing strategist at Verge) has now launched a campaign to fuel a collaboration between the music streaming service Spotify and the Verge.

Cees Spotify called on Twitter, the Verge, as an optional means of payment and Partner for their platform changes.

In the Forum of Spotify, there is the possibility of new ideas for the streaming service. A Volunteer from the Verge has presented the project of the Verge in a Post and calls to vote for the project. Within the competition for ideas, then the suggestions with the most votes will be discussed internally.

If this is the way to a cooperation condition, is in our view questionable. Nevertheless, it is, of course, from the point of view of Verge worth a try, (costs for the time being) nothing. Spotify has shown, until now, no response, and remain covered.

Furthermore, TokenPay has announced on Twitter that it has entered into a partnership with a German Bank, and the collaboration will be published at the end of next week. While debit cards are issued, the work with TokenPay and Verge.

TokenPay had donated in the frame of the Verge of Crowdfunding in the last Minute, more than 66 million Verge to allow the partnership with mind geek at all. TokenPay and Verge have been working together for a long time closely. Whether these projects will have an impact on the price of the Verge, it remains to be seen.

Currently, the price of Verge at 0,056 euros and was thus within the last 7 days of a rate increase of 5 percent .

The market capitalization is at the time of writing at 888 million euros and currencies of occupied space 26 of the largest Crypto. If the price can recover in the near term, can only show the next days and weeks.

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