Rolf Tangel has a new girlfriend, but…

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There was a moment of confusion on Instagram when Rolf Tangel Friday, Koningsdag at the beginning of the evening, a photo was shared that he is in the centre of Dordrecht kissed a young woman. It turns out indeed his new love.

That his new girlfriend is more than a Koningsdagscharrel, which is evident from its caption, in which Rolf about love and falling in love. Followers wish the famous porn actor all the luck in the love, but some fans reacted surprised. “Is it, Sam?”, they asked. When the ex of Samantha de Jong, also known as Barbie, responded: “A couple of months already. As buddies we will be there always for each other.”

In mid-march, it seemed that Rolf Tangel was back at Barbie, what he himself, according to RTL Boulevard on fixed them. That denied the realityster later on the evening News. “As friends we are better able to deal with each other”, she said.

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