Republicans with a final report interference Russians

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WASHINGTON – Republicans in the Inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives set up no evidence to have found that the American president Donald Trump and his campaign team have conspired with the Russians. Friday made the Republicans their final report public.

The findings were already known, writes the Washington Post. The Russians to the presidential election in 2016, may have influenced state according to the Republicans fixed, but not necessarily to Trump in the saddle to help. They denounce the way in which the FBI and the intelligence agencies with the case are presented.

The Democrats in the same committee criticized the conclusions of their Republican colleagues. Next to the House of Representatives also examines the Senate the alleged Russian interference in the elections. In addition, bends special prosecutor Robert Mueller the case.

According to Trump makes the report even more clear that there is no conspiracy. “As I have always said, it is all a great deception on the part of the Democrats based on payments and lies. There would never be a special prosecutor should be appointed. Witch hunt!”, writes the president on Twitter.

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