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Regulation in the week looking back, KW#17 – The crypto-world water in calmer driving

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In the past week a lot of is around the globe time and again in terms of regulatory events. In the series, “regulating in the week to look back”, as we look back at the week end and summarize what was thought about when, where, and by whom said, or decided.

India: Central Bank needs to be brought before the Supreme court

The Supreme court of Delhi, takes action against the Indian Central Bank to its policy towards crypto-currencies. The Central Bank told the banks to engage with crypto-currency services. The Indian company Kali Digital Ecosystems had filed this Petition. It wants to call in August of this year, an exchange platform called CoinRecoil.

China: city of Shenzhen supports Blockchain Investment Fund

The government of the city of Shenzhen plans to support a Blockchain Investment funds. This wants to invest in its first Phase, around 500 million Yuan (about US $ 80 million) in Blockchain Startups in Shenzhen. In the framework of a public-private partnership, 40 percent, or 32 million US dollars will come from a Fund that was launched at the end of March by the city government of Shenzhen. The Rest of the private sector.


California: the Senate is considering recognition of shares on the Blockchain

California could allow the company to store data on a Blockchain. In January by Senator Robert Hertzberg introduced a Bill 838, the discussion there last week. The Committee on banks and financial institutions of the US Senate referred the measure to the judiciary Committee and made a recommendation. If the judiciary Committee to sanction this design also, he comes before the entire Senate for a vote.

Japan: 16 Exchanges want to lost to win gone back trust

In Japan, 16 licensed crypto-Exchanges have created a self-regulating organization. Under the name of the Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Association Money partner bitFlyer, SBI Virtual Currency and CMO Coin come together. The aim of the campaign is to gain confidence, it was last lost, back again. On the occasion, among other things, the Hack the stock exchange Coincheck, the attacker NEM to the value of around 500 million US dollars had been stolen from.

Holland: the Icelandic Miner thief was arrested

A Dutch police spokesman confirmed that Sindri Thor Stefansson was arrested on Sunday evening in Amsterdam. Stefansson is accused of being behind the theft of Mining Hardware to the value of 2 million US dollars on Island. He had escaped in the previous week from a prison on the Island, and had fled to Sweden.

Philippines: activities of ten selected Blockchain-companies approved

In the past weeks, there had been calls for greater punishment of crypto-crime in the Philippines. Now the government will allow activities of ten companies from the Blockchain and crypto-currencies in a special economic zone. The Philippine government hopes that as a result, more employment opportunities and could also benefit from the crypto-currencies taxes generated.

Romania: BTCxChange has to close its platform

The crypto-trading space BTCxChange, the oldest Bitcoin Exchange in Romania, is 1. May the gates close. In a notice to the customer, it means that the operating business already on 1. February has been set. It was, however, still possible to store Bitcoins on the Exchange. By the end of the week now, all users that still had deposits on the platform should withdraw your money.

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