Re-Houthi-missiles to Saudi goals

a559f11d3e507079f7aec0c4e0a3f83b - Re-Houthi-missiles to Saudi goals

DUBAI – the Houthi rebels from Yemen rockets fired into Saudi Arabia. According to their news agency Saba went this time to eight ballistic projectiles aimed at ,,economic and essential goals” in the province of Jizan.

The Saudi ministry of Defense announced that four missiles are intercepted. There is nothing informed about any casualties and damages. In the night from Friday to Saturday brought the military coalition under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, another air attack on the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Two Houthi-leaders would have to be the life. Last week was one of the main leaders off.

The terreurbestrijdingsdienst of Yemen are charged in the southern port city of Aden with a commander of the local branch of the Islamic State. The police gave a free image of the bloodied corpse.

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