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Rate analysis: Tops and Flops of the week (week 6) and Outlook KW 7

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In the calendar week 6 the bear seemed to continue to have the upper hand over the crypto-currency market. Until the afternoon of the 06. February were (almost) all the crypto-currencies continue on plummeting. An end of the rail for the time being, not to be foreseeable. The reason for this was also part of the unjustified and negative reporting about the crypto-currency market, which has unsettled many investors. Ironically, the consultation with the SEC and the CFTC before the U.S. Senate has initiated a u-turn. Since Saturday, the 10.02. there was but a small correction, looked at the time of writing, but only after a small correction.

In total, 54 crypto currencies out of the Top 200 by market capitalization for the period of the last 7 days in the positive area (are this week, The below stated percentages refer always to the last 7 days!). Among the Top 5 winners this week this week, mainly, so far, most of the rather unknown currencies, which are found at rank 100: E-Coin (#115), SuperNET (#121), MobileGo (#177), Revain (#48), and Oyster (#176).

In this calendar week was also observed, once again, very nice to see that at least the established crypto-currencies very often in the “step” move, as the chart below illustrates:

At the start of the week it looked like as if the Trend of recent weeks would continue. Both Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, as well as Litecoin reached your local week low on the 06. February. Then turned on Tuesday (06.02.) but the mood. All of the established crypto-currency gains could currencies in the range of 20 to 30 per cent in the period from 06. to 10. February to achieve. It seemed to be a reversal of the trend to be within this week coming.

Initial ignition, and probably a more important reason for this trend is reversed, the hearing of the American regulatory authorities: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in front of the U.S. Senate. The chairmen of the two authorities were very positive about the Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies. They noted that it would not give the Blockchain technology without crypto-currencies and agreed on a ban. According to the Chairman of the CFTC, and J. Christopher Giancarlo, should be followed a “Do no harm” strategy with regard to crypto-currencies.

Crypto-currencies and ICOs: The results of the hearing before the U.S. Senate

Since Saturday, the 10.02.2018, the courses somewhat. In this respect, it was to defend the support zone. Whether it is simply a matter of correcting the gains of the week, or whether it was only for a short-term intermediate sprint, to be able to the next days show. At the time of writing the rates have increased but slightly, so that it could only be a short-term correction.

The winner of the week*

E-Coin (+ 235 Percent)*

The crypto currency E-Coin (ECN) this week, after the course is temporarily increased by more than 900 percent. On Tuesday, the 06. February exploded the course formally, and rose from around US $ 25 to over 290 US dollars (at 18:15), to fall only a short time later to 1.60 USD (at 23:15). Obviously, it was a “Pump and Dump”, which was deliberately performed by a group of persons. According to data from coinmarketcap, 99 per cent of this trade originated in this period, the volume of the E-Coins from the crypto currency exchange-exchange C-CEX.

Last September, 2017, the have revealed the Swiss financial market supervisor (Finma), the E-Coin as a fraud. Finma identified the Coin as a “pseudo-crypto-currency”. As it turned out, is based the currency on the Blockchain technology. The data are stored centrally on a Server. Finma opens bankruptcy proceedings and was in total about two million francs ‘ worth of stolen goods.

In the case of the E-Coin it is, therefore, proven to be a SCAM. Of an investment in the currency is, in our opinion, totally inadvisable.

SuperNET (+ 178%)*

SuperNET is a platform that has the goal to develop an Open-Source Software to allow interoperability between different Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The basic idea of the project is therefore:

In Crypto, the competition is not each other, it is fiat. If any Crypto does well, we all benefit.

The project has existed for some time, probably since 2014. Nevertheless, it is relatively difficult to get information on the project and the Team. The Link to the company website leads to the Komodo platform-website and refers to the fact that soon there will be a Relaunch of the website.

Welcome to our interim website. We’re in the progress of planning a brand new online presence, combining new functionalities, content, and design.

Since the beginning of February there were unusual price movements of SuperNET. Within seconds, rose 05. 02. the UNITY rate of 40 to 73 dollars. On 06.02. the rate also rose within a few seconds of 58 dollars to 106 dollars.

On Reddit, an entry of 2014, indicating that the Coin is a SCAM Coin. From our point of view should be compared with the Coin skeptically.

Revain (+ 37 Per Cent)*

Revain was already the week before last with a 123 percent rate, the biggest winner of the week increase. Also this week, Revain has seen, contrary to the market trend, an increase of 49 percent. After the Revain course was able to complete last week at 1.39 euros, stands at € 1.98 per R.

Revain is a platform on the Basis of Ethereum, to be published on the Reviews and testimonials ICOs and crypto-currencies. In contrast to many other platforms on the Internet, should there be on Revain but no fake reviews. To ensure this, the wages to be paid by the users for high-quality reviews. For the rated companies and the ICO’s of the test report in the Form of Revain Tokens will be charged.

Revain has announced yesterday on Twitter that the Token can be listed on the stock exchange, OKEx, and immediately traded. In addition, Revain could the structures of this week, 20 other crypto-currencies for the evaluation platform:

LISK (+ 21 percent)

The rate of Lisk was able to grow in the past week, at least 8 percent. Currently a Lisk for 21,12 Euro is traded. The all-time high of LISK was on the 06. January 2018 at is 28.22 euros.

Perhaps in anticipation of the Relaunch Event of the Coins, the 20. February 2018 in Berlin (Westhafen Event & Convention Center) will take place, could benefit the Lisk course this week. Many in the Crypto-community to expect that the Rebranding will affect the price.

On the re-launch Event to give a presentation that describes how the mark Lisk (Marketing-technical) to be re-established. For this purpose, on the one hand, the Lisk will be revised Logo is visually complete. On the other hand, a new Design, User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience (UX) should be presented to the strategy, as well as a new Website and new Lisk-App. The App will act as a Wallet.

The Event is already sold out for some time, but it can be via live stream on 20.02.2018 followed:

Ripple (+ 20%)*

Ripple is within the Top 10, the only currency that is in the green area. The price for XRP is at the time of writing, 0,85 euros. The market capitalization stands at 33.3 billion euros.

The company behind Ripple was able to announce in recent weeks, new partnerships and continually works to spread the Ripple network, with its various products (xCurrent, xRapid and xVia). This week, Ripple could be a partnership with the Chinese company LianLian internationally known.

Ripple: a New partnership with LianLian International closed

The losers of the week*

Also this week, THE loser of the week identified it again difficult. As a result, we want to restrict ourselves to two crypto-currencies.

Populous (- 54%)*

The Populous Coin belonged to in the past few weeks, often to the winners of the week. This week, the PPT must accept a significant loss of a full 54 percent. At the time of writing a PPT for 19,08 Euro is traded.

Populous is a Blockchain-based invoice Finance platform that allows both businesses and freelancers to sell their invoices to be transparent to a buyer. Many smaller companies are losing billions of euros every year due to late bill payments. With the Popolous platform, this Problem should be solved.

On Friday, the 09.02.2018 a first BETA Version of the platform was released:

The project has, in our opinion, great potential, because the platform can be used worldwide, to be awarded via a Smart Contract for a loan is reliable and fast. The legal framework will be shown in the Blockchain.

NANO (- 36 percent)*

After yesterday evening it became known that hackers managed to steal crypto-currency exchange Bitgrail a total of more than 17 million Nano Token, the price of NANO in low-level flight. Within the last 7 days, the price of NANO is 42 percent in the Minus. About the Details of the Hack, we have reported in the following article:

17 million Nano (formerly Raiblocks) Token of Bitgrail stolen

Outlook for the following week – KW 7

Since the market is currently still a bit restless, it is hard to make a forecast or Outlook. However, we want to take the following is a possible winner of the next days and weeks under the microscope.

LISK Rebranding is on the Plan

As previously announced, is planned for the 20.02.2018 the Rebranding of Lisk. The Lisk Team is constantly growing and brings regular Updates on the way.

The Wallet as well as the Lisk Explorer were only recently brought up to date. Since the 02.02.2018 Lisk is listed on the Exchange Huobi Pro. In addition to the already described Design Updates on 20.02. in addition, the new Lisk-App is presented, which combines both the functionality of the Wallet, as well as the Lisk Explorer in one application.

Another Highlight will be the presentation of the Lisk Academy. This virtual educational institution is not to bring Blockchain technology to all the tech nick-savvy crypto currency those interested in more detail. There are extensive Tutorials, expert articles, and Youtube Videos for education within the industry, and thus to easier access in the crypto world.

The Rebranding could be a Lisk a boost in terms of the price of the crypto currency. Whether the Rebranding is, in fact, succeed and have an impact on the course, to be able to the next days and weeks. Further information on the Relaunch of Lisk, it is here.

* The percentages are based on the time of writing

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