Racoon fills Ziggo Dome without the fuss

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Racoon fills in Saturday night’s sold-out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam “with music from our heart.” The audience of Racoon really comes for the music and the songs, ” says lead singer Bart van der Weide.

It is the second time that Racoon in the Ziggo Dome, the first time was in november 2015. The album Look Ahead and See the Distance forms the occasion for the concert in the largest popzaal of the country. “It remains particularly that tent gets,” says the singer. “We are already 23 years of music and still music from our hearts. Expected in the Ziggo Dome, no fuss. We come without confettikanonnen, exploding cars and naked ladies. The visitors really come for the songs,” says Bart.

The seventh studio album is largely a tribute to Barts deceased sister Anne. Some of the songs on the album are too fragile for the concert in the Ziggo Dome. Bart: “Two songs from the record we keep, therefore, for the tour later this year. I aim to Stay Little, and the title track Look Ahead and See the Distance.”

Club tour

Racoon played this month already warm with a tour along the Dutch clubs in Maastricht, Weert, Nijmegen, Zwolle, and Hengelo. To good use exchanges Like the new material with hits such as Love You More, No Mercy, Ocean and Almost Made It. Bart: “If I go to a concert go, I think it is also important to be able to sing with hits from the past.”

During the club tour in the run-up to the concert in the Ziggo Dome, as did the new bassist Maarten ten Damme. “We laugh again at the stage and enjoyed the music,” says Bart. “The audience will have noticed that we have a lot of fun and that reflects, it can’t be otherwise. It is delicious.”

Third life

The Zeeland band since February back to record label Sony Music. Racoon is back at the muziekmaatschappij who twenty years ago was Racoon, but the band in 2002 dropped. “So We are back to the old nest. I consider that as a third life for the band. After we at the time Sony were dropped began our second life with the release of Love You More.”

Of course, expect Sony Zealanders a new album. “We do that at our own pace. We write always. That does not stop, because the music should look like. When a new album comes, is not to say. However, I can say that that is a lot more cheerful than the last.”

Racoon makes first for the festival season. One of the highlights is the Concert at Sea at the Brouwersdam.

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