PETER FABER: ’Petertje was complete of the world!’

9dc3b59518e077ef011822f5e9a960be - PETER FABER: ’Petertje was complete of the world!’

PETER FABER (74) is after a major heart surgery back with a vengeance. “I was a walking time bomb, but I am by cardiologists dismantled. I should be no more smoking and no two bottles of wine per day,” says the actor with a laconic smile. On PAGE PRIVATE, he tells today about the sad loss of his great love, actress SHIREEN STROOKER, his rehabilitation process, but also… his plans for the future!

True optimist Peter Faber was the last time a lot to endure, but tells nothing of the field store. “I have never had the courage in the shoe pockets.”

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