Paris Hilton about to drain sekstape: ’I wanted to die’

d9c34dab6939ead6763681e8616dd357 - Paris Hilton about to drain sekstape: ’I wanted to die’

In the documentary the American Meme that will soon be released, tells Paris Hilton (37) about how she felt after her sekstape with her then boyfriend Rick Salomon uitlekte.

The video was meant to be private, but ended up in 2004 at a porn website and was 1 night in Paris called. “It felt like I was raped. I have a part of my soul was lost, there was so mean about me talking. I wanted literally to death at times,” says Paris in the documentary according to the Hollywood Reporter.

She continues: “I thought all of me was taken. I wanted so is not well-known. I’ve never been the person that I had.” Although Rick Salomon several times has said there are millions of to have earned, swears Paris there is never a cent to the sekstape to have held.

The world premiere of the documentary The American Meme, where Paris talks about her life as a socialite and well-known person, found Friday place during the Tribeca film festival in New York.

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