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OH Leuven and zegeloos Waasland-Beveren score not in very weak party

803800b95d2606f20c0c3a436c1933d6 - OH Leuven and zegeloos Waasland-Beveren score not in very weak party

For fans of OH Leuven and Waasland-Beveren was the confrontation between the two clubs on match day 6 of Playoff 2A there is one to forget quickly. There was not scored on The Alley, leaving both teams with points to share. OH Leuven stays in the third place, while Waasland-Beveren still could not win in Playoff 2 and with one meager point remains.

OHL opened sharply, and after three minutes, there was already a header on the pole, and Maertens. Who hoped that it presaged a attractive first half filled with shooting skill, was it for the effort. Both teams opted for a very young team, but the youthful enthusiasm splashed all except from.

Zero pace, never a threat. The first half was, on the first minutes after, not an example of a Play-off 2 confrontation that you are surprised and yet still a pleasant picture results. On the contrary: it was trying to stay awake.

Three minutes before the break, there was finally the first doelkans of Waasland-Beveren. The unpublished Leuven defence, with young people Libert (20) and Mertens (18), it was beyond rushed and Boljevic came eye-to-eye with Thamsatchanan. The Thai goalkeeper was far out, but made an accurate assessment, and could be a tegendoelpunt avoid.

After a small fifteen minutes in the second half, it was again Thamsatchanan that the people from louvain take in the contest. Thelin received the ball well supplied and could on purpose heads, but the OHL-the final piece had a strong reflex in the house and could wegboksen.

Little patches

Many desire to have something to force radiated both teams in the second half. OHL-coach Pearson tried since early in the second half to change his voorlinie Kehli and Sowah to trade for Storm and Vekemans, his counterpart Vermant was already pleased with just a point and had his entire team stand up to a minute and a half for affluiten.

Storm, on the way seems to KV Mechelen, made after a few minutes on the field immediately for added value. After a be allowed to creep shot from Gorius was the ball in reference to Maertens to the blonde mercenary of Club Brugge, who are his opponents had stripped and only goal came. Goblet parried his shot with a handsome salvation, and, therefore, was not the only goalkeeper with a successful evening.

On shots in the slot of the first Verstraete for the Waaslanders and two minutes later Aguemon were already keepers Thamsatchanan and Goblet that are distinguished, and so the brilscore position held. That was also the sunken Casagolda in the injury time is still an open doelkans incomprehensible in addition to stairs.

In the state in group A continues to OHL third with eight to eighteen. Waasland-Beveren retains its last place, but now has two points instead of one.

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