North Korean news agency full of praise for top

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PYONGYANG/SEOUL – North Korean state news agency KNCA has full of praise commented on the meeting of leader Kim Jong-un with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in. They were strongly for the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula.

Comrades hand in hand. Kim Jong-un (right) and Moon Jae-in (left) seem to be for peace between the two Koreas’s to want to.

A “turning point” for the region, says KNCA, also called the American president Donald Trump that he holds on to the sanctions against Pyongyang in anticipation of his interview with Kim. His conversation with Moon Friday was very promising.

“Both parties have spontaneously and openly their views on issues of mutual interest, including the improvement of the relationship between the north and the south. That is a guarantee for peace and a nuclear-free Korea,” according to the comments of KNCA. The news agency wrote that the Korean summit was concluded with a dinner in a “friendly atmosphere with feelings of kinship.”

The North Korean staatskrant devoted many pages to the historical visit of Kim to the Moon, brightened up with lots of photos. Also the South Korean media picked up tremendously with optimistic stories.

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