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Noliko Maaseik for the first time since 2012 once again national champions

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Noliko Maaseik has on authoritarian manner in its fifteenth national championship caught, the first since 2012. Just like in the first final match was Roeselare in the Stoneware Arena a dry 3-0 bounded. The outgoing champion was on all planes outclassed.

In a swirling Stoneware Arena started Out with a good serverende Blankenau convincing to his titelqueeste. Also, Cox was asked in the correct rhythm (16-12), but a Maaseiks dip and a strong Verhanneman brought Roeselare me in the running: 23-23. Some Roeselaarse mistakes gave Out the 1-0-lead.

Roeselare piled up in set two of the misses. Especially to the storage it went in the garbage visitors frequently wrong. In Maaseik, and turned to captain Jelte Maan on full throttle. A monsterblock on player of the year Tuerlinckx, which is an offday knew, was one of the highlights. Also with the help of the video challenge, the visitors could Noliko not of 25-18-setwinst.

With a strong Tammemaa in the forefront of the fight to put the home team’s net for the second time-out third set to his hand. Cox and the Moon, which is a strong match played, lead Out to 24-21. Rychlicki put in the pipe the second wedstrijdpunt to. The Stoneware Arena burst out of its seams. Finally again a grand prize for Maaseik.

“I’m incredibly happy”, shouted setter Jay Blankenau after the end of the contest. “Thank heaven, I’m in my first season in Maaseik may conclude with the championship. I am not going to comment on the level of Roeselare. We have the job today, expertly done.” Also president Mathi Raedschelders was a satisfied man. “This is the result of five years hard work. I give a big ” thank you for the work Wout Wijsmans as technical director. Our future looks bleak. Coach Joel Banks and the majority of the player base will be there also next season presence. And I, I do also and year as president”, confirmed the Maaseikse superintendents.

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