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NEO: Ontology Airdrop – Free Token for NEO owners

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The Team of the NEO-Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has announced a few hours ago that there will be an Airdrop of Ontology Token (ONT) for NEO owners. For each NEO, the owner will receive 0,2 ONT. Ontology is creating the NEO-Blockchain to use and it allow using NEO Smart Contracts NEP5-Token.

As the NEO informed the Team about your Blog, would like to support the Ontology project, the common NEO-Ecosystem, and presented, therefore, the NEO Council ONT-Token. The NEO Council has decided in turn to the ONT-Token to the NEO-community. The gift to the Church will amount to 20 million ONT.

For each NEO Coin the owner receives 0,2 ONT, where 50 percent of freely tradable, and the other 50 percent for a certain period of time automatically stay locked.

The Snapshot of the NEO-addresses, i.e., the operative time for this, whether you get ONT Token, it will happen NEO Block 1.974.823. The expected date for this is 1. March 2018 at 14.00 p.m. (German time).

The credit for the first half of the ONT-token (0,1 ONT pro NEO) in the weeks following the 1. March completed. The second blocked half (0.1 ONT pro NEO) uses the same Snapshot, but will be released instead on the Ontology MainNet. This is expected to be published in the second quarter of 2018.

The Ontology Project

While NEO can predominantly be used for Asset-based functions are used, the Ontology network is a public platform for the establishment of a decentralised trust System (Trust-Ecosystem) in which data to be encrypted and securely transmitted, stored and managed.

Ontology will use NEO Smart Contracts. Projects based on the Ontology network, can create NEP5-Token (in the framework of the NEO Ecosystem).

Ontology Network aims to be the distributed services for various industries (e.g. financial services, insurance, healthcare, and government). Application scenarios for example, should the identity verification, the secure transmission of data, procedure protocols, distributed Community Management, or the certification of the authenticity of data in different industry-specific problems.

The company behind Ontology, Onchain, is one of the leading Blockchain-technology enterprises in China. So it has been chosen by KPMG China in the years 2016 and 2017 in the Top 50 FinTech companies in China. By the way, the founder of NEO, Since Hongfei is a close connection between the two projects is also the CEO of Onchain, so. Very likely this event will not have a great influence on the course of NEO.

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