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Mt.Gox: when is silver plated, the rest of the assets?

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In the case of the processed crypto-stock exchange Mt.Gox, the liquidator Bitcoin asset has moved a total value of 165 million U.S. dollars. Is for the benefit of the creditors and soon another large-scale sale of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash?

Bitcoin Enthusiast and Investor, Alistair Milne remarked on Twitter that the Bitcoin address of the seized assets from Mt.Gox has done something. Due to the public entry, but it is not clear whether the Wallets were merged or sold. Not less than 16,000 BTC and BCH were on 26. April 2018 moved. You want to pay off the creditors at least partially?

Liquidator of Mt.Gox is responsible for the price fall?

The Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi denied for the year, for the collapse of the BCH and BTC responsible. Nevertheless, he continued, in December, without a doubt, with the sale of the Wallets with a total value of 400 million US dollars, the exchange rate of the Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin of enormous pressure. In a later Statement, Kobayashi stated that he had disposed of the funds in an unspecified way. As a result, the market should not have been influenced by the price of allegedly negative. This method of sale have approved the competent court.


Critics complained about the inconvenient time for the sale, because both Coins had lost in the meantime. In addition, the sale was currencies of the magnitude of the most likely responsible for the further price fall of both Crypto. At the Moment, it is unclear whether and in what way the moving Wallets will also be sold. Because it is unknown how large quantities are sold to BTC and BCH, can be difficult to abschätzten whether, or in what context this will have an impact on the course of history.

Background. Mt.Gox began in 2009, originally as an Online exchange for trading cards. Later, it was currencies to one of the world’s leading trading venues for Crypto. In the case of a Hack of the year 2014 stolen Unknown around 850,000 Bitcoin. Because you couldn’t pay off the customers in this size, had to log on to the company a short time later bankruptcy.

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