More than 40 Tuareg killed in Mali

daa791c746144181b2df91f557d3ae4b - More than 40 Tuareg killed in Mali

In the northeast of Mali, on the border with Niger, in two days time, more than 40 Tuareg-civilians killed by suspected jihadists.

The murders follow in a similar attack in the same region Thursday. In a span of 24 hours were more than 40 Tuareg of the Dawsahak community killed.

‘There were 43 dead in two days, all citizens of the same community”, suggests a stamverantwoordelijke of Menaka, the most important city in the region of the Dawsahak community.

He sees the murders in retaliation for the blows that armed Tourag-groups unjust to the jihadists in the area.

‘Heinous crimes’

The Tuareg call on the governments of Mali and Niger to ” finally, a serious initiative to bring an end to the horrific crimes committed’.

The governor of Menaka, Daouda Maiga, is careful about the number of victims. “I know that there are women and children among the victims, and also old people. The exact number I can only say after the return of my emissaries.’

In the region, in many cases, to violence between jihadists loyal swore to Islamic State and armed groups that are primarily Tuareg existence.

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