Marie Verhulst looks back on the Boxing Stars

f0c9405edc47be0fba99df10764e8c94 - Marie Verhulst looks back on the Boxing Stars

Marie Verhulst looks in GVA back to Boxing Stars. “A week before I told Natalia to the bucket had to, I went to the Belgian championship look. That I had better not done it (laughs). Those guys boksten without a helmet and is a lot harder than we do. I saw a lot of nosebleeds, but also for broken noses and fingers. There are even knock-out gone. I wake up at night located. Where was I to start? During my first camp I was very nervous. And in that mood, I am always extremely happy and cheerful. So also against Natalia. That must have thought that I’m a huge druktemaker am. Just for the record, they had that of Sieg De Doncker and Faroek Özgünes canned. Then I was slightly in panic. I feared that Natalia just as hard on me it would be rollers as Sieg in Faroek did.” So far it was not. Marie boxes Thursday against Hilde De Baerdemaeker.

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