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Lokeren put Eupen goes aside and remains undefeated in the lead in Playoff 2B

64d1702fada9fed7f53278da888876b4 - Lokeren put Eupen goes aside and remains undefeated in the lead in Playoff 2B

Also on match day six of the Playoff 2B has Lokeren no defeat ago. The Wase club went on the field of Eupen with a 0-2 win and thus remains clearly in the lead in the standings, Eupen remains behind on the fourth place. Söder and Cevallos made for the goals.

Although Lokeren firmly in the lead in pool B of the Play-off 2 refused Lokeren coach Peter Maes after the victory at the Antwerp has the ambition to already speak to the group’s profit thinking. But after the victory on the field of Eupen they are allowed in the Waasland, however, gradually start dreaming of group profits.

As played Lokeren at times particularly weak in Eupen from the cabinet to the wall with smooth threatening. Yes, in comparison with the regular competition called the East-flanders in a gear or two higher. The players of Eupen were not at home at the Kehrweg. We had a festival of bad passes, bad controls and weak to continue to see the Pandas. What they missed captain Luis Garcia. After a small fifteen minutes followed the first warning of Lokeren. Lawal was, however, surprised that Wagué under the ball passed through, his shot completely missed.

It proved only a stay of execution. After a subtle one-two between Skulason and Söder, the Swedish attacker it cool with a lobe. The Pandas stood there and looked at it. Barely a few minutes later doubled the East-flanders in the lead. Again after a one-two, through the goal post this time. Right, laid the ball evisceration for Cevallos, his shot went through the legs of Blondelle against the post, but the Ecuadorian was well followed to the rebound to tap. Lokeren on roses. All was still well away when ref Visser the ball is not on the dot explained after a duwfout of Skulason on Ocansey. In the end of the first half had Söder, the second half is redundant, but he failed.


A different story after a rest. The smooth threatening of Lokeren was after peace as snow before the sun disappeared. Eupen stronger back in the match, and adorned, a few opportunities. But time was jeugdproduct The Wolf’s attention to goalkeeping. For example, the goalkeeper Mulumba twice of the aansluitingstreffer. And the visitors? However, that switched to a lower gear and played mainly on the counter. In such a sharp, counter left Hupperts the reassuring advantage. No, a killer, he will never be. Eupen could the pace continue, making Lokeren free easy lead could hold.

Thanks to this victory continues to Lokeren now six matches in a row unbeaten. Something where they this season have not yet succeeded in doing so. The East-Flemish remain so even after six days leader in pool b. Eupen could not continue knitting to the victory of last week against STVV and hang on a second-to-last place with five points.

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