Little Alfie died

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The 23-month-old Alfie Evans died. The British boy suffering from a rare brain disease and was, therefore, months in a semivegetatieve condition in the hospital. He was the victim of a bitter legal battle between his parents and the hospital. “My heart is broken’, responds his mother.

The doctors had already all given up hope because the child, according to them, needlessly sacrificed by the artificial in life. Healing from the neurological condition from which he suffered was excluded. Since december of 2016, there was not a change has come in his semivegetatieve condition. So the parents asked permission for the machines to turn off, but they refused.

Thereupon the hospital to the court to have the judgment to enforce. It was a bitter battle, where even the pope in its advantages by Alfie, the Italian citizenship, so he is in Rome, furthermore, could be dealt with.

Around the parents formed a group who called himself ” Alfies Army’ called. The hospital had several times by the police to be restricted, because every time father Tom them called to come and pray, hundreds of supporters to Alder Hey. They did more than pray. The staff of the hospital testified how they were verbally abused, threatened and intimidated.


Every judge who file under eyes got, from the British courts to the European Court, ruled that the further lifesupporting device of the boy was useless to him and did suffer. Monday morning was the equipment that Alfie had to breathe and him artificially had fed, disconnected.

The parents of the toddler were ready to take their fight to cease, until it turned out that Alfie, six hours later, autonomous continued to breathe. In the eyes of Alfies Army not less than a miracle. According to father Tom, it was not, but the evidence that an incorrect diagnosis was made. The hospital decided that the boy again temporarily oxygen. “They treat animals better’, said Tom on television. “But suffering does our child.’


In the night from Friday to Saturday is small Alfie still died. My gladiator has his shield laid down and his wings to 2.30 hours last night. My heart is broken. I love you’, writes to his mother on Facebook.

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