Kanye West raps about Donald Trump in new music

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Kanye West has a new track released that he will exhaust about Donald Trump and Barack Obama. The politically-charged song, which West made with TI, it was Friday night, for the first time, turned on the American radio station Power 106 FM.

“I know that Obama is the praised to heaven,” raps West on the song Ye US. The People. “But since Trump has won is for proven to me that I president might be.” He refers more to the slogan Make Amerikca Great Again. “The wearing of the cap shows that we are all equal”, he defends the criticism this week, got after it a picture of such hats posted on Twitter.

In a series of messages expressed Kanye a lot of praise for the American president and called him his friend. “You don’t need it with Trump to agree but you can’t avoid that I don’t love him. We both have drakenenergie. He is my brother”, wrote Kanye Wednesday. Also he posted a picture of his signed and Make America Great Again-hats. No one less than Trump himself responded later in the first tweet from Kanye. He quoted the message and thanked the rapper. “Very cool”, wrote the president there. Fans could open ’declaration of love’ less appreciate. They expressed massive criticism of his tweets.

Also John Legend let heard. The musician has tried Kanye about to get his opinion on Trump to reconsider. But the husband of Kim Kardashian had anything to do with it and threw the conversation Thursday on Twitter.

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