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Kanye West celebrates Donald Trump in new song

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The American rapper Kanye West has Friday released a new song in which he is the American president Donald Trump defends. He criticizes the idea that African-Americans, Democrats should be.

In the song ‘Ye vs The People’ going West in discussion with rapper and Trump-critic T. I. about their political choices. West states that the idea that “all blacks are Democrats” just one of the things that go wrong in the United States.

Subsequently, T. I. questions on Kanye’s support for a guy who, according to him, coarse and insensitive seems to be’, while West explains how he feels obligated ” to people with new ideas to show.

“Brother Donald

Kanye West is one of the few mainstream artists that Donald Trump publicly supports. Wednesday he posted also a photo on Twitter of a ‘Make America Great Again’-baseball cap with Trumps signature. Before that, he sent a series of tweets to the world about “his brother” Donald Trump.

‘You don’t need to agree with Trump, but the crowd can’t care for that I don’t love him, ” she said.

Trump responded to the tweets by the West to thank for his support: “Thanks Kanye, very cool!’.

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