Jury Nobel prize for Literature goes blank after complaints about sexual abuse

ed1335584e8e840599d7d37c1418c8c8 - Jury Nobel prize for Literature goes blank after complaints about sexual abuse

There gets again a member of the jury that awarded the Nobel prize for Literature awards. In total, eight of the eighteen members left from the Swedish Academy after complaints about sexual abuse.

The academy made Saturday via her website which now also a journalist and author Sara Stridsberg the door behind him wields, which is the number of members of the jury at ten. However, the eighteen members are in principle appointed for life, and they can’t really resign.

Earlier this week, gave the Swedish Academy ” is in a deep crisis, following a period of deep disagreement between the members about important issues’. Swedish media even reported that the Academy thinks about it because of the scandal the award of the Nobel prize for Literature a year.

The cause of the crisis are the accusations against the poet and academielid Katarina Frostenson and her husband Jean-Claude Arnault. A few months ago had eighteen wives filed a complaint against Arnault for sexual abuse. He runs with wife Frostenson a private members ‘ club for culture, which also gets money from the Academy. Arnault would be the eighteen women abused in the club, but also in buildings in Paris and Stockholm that are the property of the Academy.

Swedish crown princess

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports that one of his victims, the Swedish crown princess Victoria. Arnault denies all the allegations.

Frostenson is also accused of the rules around conflicts of interest have been violated because they had not mentioned that they are co-owner of the club.

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