Jeroen Krabbé: life as an actor, sometimes absurd

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Jeroen Krabbé enjoyed not always of his international career. At the height of his film career, he found life sometimes ’absurd’.

“Or I say one of ten phrases in Till There Was You went to Sydney could come,” says Krabbé in AD Magazine. “For a moment. To the farthest point on the earth.” The pictures he was not allowed in Amsterdam or London. “So I plane in, well, plane, taxi, studio, you know, I’m a quarter finished, and I can get in exactly the same KLM aircraft back to the Netherlands. Two times 27 hours of flying, return of 12,000 guilders, movie totally flopped. Fucking hell.”

The 73-year-old actor and artist in that time has ever considered to move to Los Angeles, but wanted his children and himself not do. “It’s empty, so empty. So nice to see you, Jeroen, wha, wha, wha; a second later one does not exist.” He continues: “No, I found it always good to be on my bike in Amsterdam.”

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