‘Iran will leave the nuclear agreement itself as the economic benefits of failure’

84d53f03557f220724758528c1891490 - ‘Iran will leave the nuclear agreement itself as the economic benefits of failure’

Iran threatens the nuclear agreement with the western powers themselves to blow up if that no economic benefits for the country. Reports that an Iranian top japanese diplomat to the Iranian news agency ISNA.

The Iranian note comes after the visit of the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron to Washington earlier this week. Both European leaders declared that the agreement that exists today is insufficient, while Trump Iran during the visit of Merkel Friday branded as a ‘murderous regime’.

“If the agreement has no economic benefits for Iran, we will also accept steps’, is the response Abdolreza Faraji Saturday, anonymous senior official at the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The American president called the agreement previously ‘the worst deal ever’. He requires adjustments in order to cope with the ballistic missile of Iran, and the destabilizing role’ of the country in the region. Trump has repeatedly announced from the chord to will steps.

Sanctions against banks

Tehran reports, meanwhile, that the more value attaches to the notes of Germany, France and the United Kingdom about the deal, than to the threats of Trump, according to Faraji.

Iran is waking up sanctions against its banks. Although all economic sanctions in 2016 were lifted, decline, major European banks are still to handelsprojecten between Iran and the West to finance, out of fear of American sanctions.

Trump should be at the latest on 12 may decide whether the United States Iran will continue to be exempt from sanctions, as part of the agreement. Mike Pompeo, the new American minister of Foreign Affairs, said Friday that it’s ‘unlikely’ that the US stay part of the agreement if the shortcomings are not being addressed.

Tight straitjacket

Iran and the United Stateb, China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany closed the nuclear agreement in July 2015, still during the tenure of Barack Obama. The text forces the nuclear activities of Tehran in a tight straitjacket, with the intention of ensuring that they have the peaceful stay. In return, the sanctions against Iran lifted and a normalization of its economic relations with the west, in the prospect.

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