Hans Kraay junior: “My wife was crying’

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The departure of Hans Kraay junior at FC Lienden is a very unpleasant way.

Hans Kraay Junior in conversation with Hans Fraser.

“I am nine years as a trainer at FC Lienden (2004 t/m 2011 and the past two years, red.) with very fine people. I think we have with z’n all of a boerenclubje a nice club to know,” began Kraay his story, in conversation with FOX Sports.

“But since I have been at Easter once I have chosen for FOX, my employer, is there else to you have looked. That started the spuitgaten’,”, continued the former professional footballer. “A few people found it necessary to vulgar language to use. If your wife is crying at a club that they 450 games chase went to… The canteen was our second home.”

Kraay has a touch of the events. “A number of the same was very weird. It does me a lot of pain,” said the 58-year-old born Utrechter. Kraay had in January his contract extended until mid-2020.


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