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Ethereum researched zk-STARKs: improvement of the zk-SNARKs-Protocol

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Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, has in his latest Blog Post , an improvement in the zk-SNARKs Protocol with the name zk-STARKs presented. Zk-STARKs to the weaknesses of the “little brother” to eliminate.

The concept of zk-SNARKs is probably from the Token Zcash or from Byzantium Update of Ethereum last month. If not, we recommend you to read our article about Zcash. Otherwise, we would like to give a short explanation: The Blockchain is open to the public. This means that all the transactions in terms of sender address, receiver address, and the amount of transferred Coins are known to the public. The zk-SNARKs Protocol masked these three pieces of information, so that the transactions are anonymous and the particular application for privacy-oriented users.

In his Blog Post Vitalik Buterin has reported now that he and his Team have found a solution to the weaknesses of zk-SNARKs.

Zk-SNARKs is accused that it is due to the complex cryptographic and mathematical assumptions are no trusted Setup. Ultimately, it is missing the Protocol, according to many critics of transparency. Furthermore, it is criticized that the Protocol could be in the future by quantum computers vulnerable to attack.

Zk-STARKs should fix these two problems now. Since the “T” in zk-STARKs is suitable for “transparent”. Buterin describes in his Blog Post that the “trusted Setup”. The new Protocol is realized with simpler cryptographic means, such as Hashes, and information theory. For this reason, the CCC is supposed to be STARKs against attackers with quantum computers protected.

Although the size of the Proofs of 288 bytes increases with zk-STARKs on a few hundred kilobytes. Compared to the gained benefits of this “cost” from the point of view of Buterin worthwhile but definitely.

Anyone interested in Details should read the Blog Post by Vitalik Buterin. In particular, for mathematics and science students of Post is really worth reading and instructive.

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