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Ethereum rate analysis: for the time being no reversal of the trend

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To see the ETH/USD is in a 1-day candlestick chart.

We are still in the correction of the last bearish wave, and already had a daily candle close above red makierter Zone.

The current should a candle close the green makierte resistance zone and the converging 0.6 Fibonacci Level is 640 USD
next, shorterm sales target is obvious.

The next boundaries are marked with a price label and two obvious price movements with blue arrows.

Break, or continuation of the midterm trends are characterized by thick red bars. Here a bounce is expected.

To the editors of the time the Ethereum course is available at a price of 678,56 dollars and, since the last 24h sideways.

In which direction the price moves, can only show the next few days.

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