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Ethereum (ETH) – rate analysis KW17 – rate Handle shortly before the Cup-and-Pattern

0d0c741cd499aa96c8f02f1449f18f09 - Ethereum (ETH) - rate analysis KW17 - rate Handle shortly before the Cup-and-Pattern

The upward trend of the last week could be continued. 24. April the Ethereum rate reaching rise the previous month high of 580,90 Euro. Although the rate fell in between again to below 500 Euro, but was able to bounce off the upward trend is continuing this further. The course is just prior to the formation of a Cup-and-Handle Formation.


  • The Ethereum-rate is increased this week.
  • A further Rally lifted the rate on 580,90 Euro. After the course was overbought, he tested the upward trend, was able to bounce off of it and is now on the rise again.
  • Overall, the evaluation is bullish. The most important Support and possible Stop-Loss is 542,72 Euro, first Resistance is at 580,90 Euro.

Also in the case of Ethereum and the crypto-spring makes itself felt. In the last week of the specified Targets were all achieved and even exceeded. Although the Rally took place at 580,90 Euro and an overbought RSI to a temporary end, which led to a Test of the upward trend. This bounced, however, on the course and rises since then. Currently, a Cup-and-Handle Pattern seems to form, in order to confirm this, you must Ethereum rise to 580,90 Euro.


The MACD (second Panel from the top) is positive and, Recently, rising again. The MACD line (blue) is above the Signal (orange).

The RSI is at 64 and is thus bullish.

Overall, the Situation according to price, Trend and indicators in bullish assess.

Support and Resistance

The first Support is located at 542,72 Euro and is provided by the recently broken-up Plateau described. The Support is described by the upward trend, with the exponential moving average EMA50 and yesterday’s correction in the case of 507,07 Euro.

The first Resistance is the previous monthly maximum, described, and is 580.90 EUR. The course should overcome this Level, would be described a further Resistance by the middle of March, tested Resistance at about 600 euros.

Entry points, Stop Losses and Targets

Currently, a Long, offers Position, the Stop of the Support Loss will be chosen at 542,72 Euro. The first Target would be at 580,90 Euro and the second at 599,97 Euro. In principle, one could Handle to Overcome the first-mentioned Resistance to the Cup-and-Pattern set, however, you should take a look at this strictly on the RSI should be.this bust would be a good idea to realize some profits and to use more of a consolidation for a re-entry

Should plunge despite the bullish prospects of the course under the Stop Loss, can be observed by the upward trend given Support and a possible re-entry point.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from at 11:55 PM on 27. April created. For a deeper understanding of the concepts of a course analysis is on the Link referenced.

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